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[Prize Sent] Treasure Hunt Surprise Giveaway – Win Paytm Cash Free Of Cost

Hi Guys CuteTricks Is Back With A New Giveaway Like Wise I Say In My Last Post This Time We Are Going To Provide 2 Giveaways. So Guys It’s A Big Loot Again From Us In Field Of Giveaway.

We Always Try To Provide Too Much Interesting Giveaways. Now We Here Back Again With Our Treasure Hunt Contest.

images (1)

In Treasure Hunt We Will Will Give A New Way Giveaway To You So Read Steps How To Take Part In.

Winner Comment Your Number For Prize….We Will Back Soon With 1 More Exciting Giveaway Stay Tuned 🙂 🙂


1st Winner – Rs 30 Paytm CashMD Baquir

2nd Winner – Rs 30 Recharge – ROHIT

3rd Winner – Rs 10 Paytm Cash – MOHIT TANWANI

How To Play:-

1. First See Below Pic Carefully



2. See Timings Of Giveaway.

3. Now Start Searching This Pic In First 200 CuteTricks Post.

4. If You Find That Pic In Any Post….Copy URL Of That Post And Comment In This Post With Your Name.

5. First 3 Commenter With Correct Post Link Will Win.

(We Will Provide Hint After 45 Minutes Here If You Can’t Able To Find Image)


1. Above Giveaway Will Take Place On Any Time.

2. Timings Will Be Addeed 2 Days Before Giveaway.

3. Giveaway Live 3 Time In A Day.

4. In Case Of Any Dispute Decision Is Ours.

5. One User Can Win Maximum 2 Times.

6. Prizes Sent To All Winners After 2 Giveaway’s.

7. In Case Any User Try Multiple Id He Will Be Disqualified From Giveaway

8. User Can Get Same Prize Which We Write In Prize…Like Paytm Winner Get Pautm, Mobikwik Winner Get Mobikwik.


  1. kaushal says:

    Great Innovative Idea Again

  2. abhilash guin says:

    hi team,love this concept,can you clarify when it will go live?

  3. Jo wwe ka logo CIA chain.. wohi dhundna hain.???

  4. himanshu jain says:

    FIRST 70 POSTS mean???

  5. Deepu says:

    Nice concept

  6. AKHIL says:
  7. Gurpreet says:
  8. Ashish says:
  9. Deepu says:
  10. Prince Prakash says:
  11. Ashish says:

    Admin..its tie between me and Gurpreet…both have answered on 3.04

    • Krishna says:

      Give Us Few Minutes To Check It Out…Overall It Easily Shows That ….Akhil Is 1st , 2nd Is Gurpreet Nd Ashish Is3rd

  12. Deepu says:

    Admin tie between akhil , gurpreet n me

  13. kaushal says:

    m confused that how to play come wid some interesting idea yr tambola is better than this

  14. Sabahat says:
  15. kaushal says:

    this game is just ended in 5 min how they find a pic so instantly

    • Krishna says:

      If U Don’t Find Fast Then Don’t Blame Us…We R Just Arrange It For Enjoyable Purpose

  16. Ankit says:

    I didn’t win today but i always love ur site nd admin you are lovable hat’s off to u

  17. You have received Rs.50.00 from Cute Tricks in your Paytm Wallet. Updated balance: Rs.70.0.Rebound to college deals & stand a chance to win 20 bluetooth speakers..

    Thnkxx broo. 👍😊

  18. Sabahat says:

    What will next timing of giveaway

  19. Aew i missed it

  20. Gurpreet says:

    Yes, i got my prize…thanx bro. 🙂 Appreciated 🙂

  21. Gurpreet says:

    Here is a screenshot of prizem.. Thanks again

  22. swarnadip saha says:

    hi team,love this concept,can you clarify when it will go live?

    • Krishna says:

      Another Shift Of Same Giveaway Live After 2 Or 3 Days….We Will Update 24 Hrs Before It Starts 🙂

  23. Ashish says:

    Thank u very much admin..
    Mast wala concept….will be waiting for much more of them…here is the screenshot

  24. abhilash guin says:

    when it will be live today?

  25. Tapas says:

    When will start today’s giveaway??

  26. gabbar says:

    boss time batao
    aj kitne baje start hoga giveway

  27. Gurpreet says:

    will you share the time of givaway on broadcast list (whatsapp)??

  28. Tapas Roy says:

    vai kab start hoga ??

  29. Gurpreet says:

    Update about the prizes also…..

  30. basant says:

    Is pic posted in some post or it will be posted at 8pm

  31. Yogesh says:

    Who will win ??

  32. Gurpreet says:
  33. himanshu jain says:
  34. deepu says:
  35. Tapas says:
  36. sourabh joshi says:
  37. Ashish says:
  38. rishav says:
  39. Aditya says:

    [Amazon Trick – Buy Any Product Having Buy Now Button Disabled (Full Steps) – CUTE TRICKS] is good,have a look at it!

  40. Gurpreet says:

    admin, please reveal the winners… as giveaway is expired now

  41. Gurpreet says:

    I got my prize of giveaway… Here is a screenshot of it

  42. himanshu jain says:


  43. Gurpreet says:

    hey, i have a question.
    mene do baar yeh contest jeet hai, ek mein 2nd aya tha ek mein 1st….
    to kya ab main is mein participate kr skta hu ya nahi????

  44. Gurpreet says:

    i hope your answer would be…. yesss!!!!!!1
    bcz i’m very excited 🙂 :p

    • Krishna says:

      No Bro Sorry But 1 User Won Only 2 Time…U Can Try In Next Big Giveaway 🙂

      • Gurpreet says:

        why so ?
        esa ni hona chahiye yaar……. main apni mehnat se jeet ta hu…. mene konsa kuch galat kia…..

        • Krishna says:

          We Respect U Bro…But Here Every User Has Ryt To Won…So That We Put Restriction On Winners

          • Gurpreet says:

            exactly…. every user has ryt to win.. right? to i am also one of them.
            to vo bhi jaldi se dhunde or jeete….. isme mera kya kasoor? ho skta hai main is baar na jeetu, koi aur jeet jaye

          • Krishna says:

            Sorry Bro This Time…We Have To Go Upon Our Terms Which We Write….Next Time We Will Tk Care Of It

  45. bikram says:


  46. Pawan says:
  47. is it live now?

    • Krishna says:

      U Will Be Declared 1st Winner…But U Think Ur So Smart…U Comment From Same Device 3 Times….Deep, Sargun, Tarandep….U Disqualified

  48. Sargun says:
    • Krishna says:

      Congrats Ur 1st Winner 🙂

      • Thnx bro I participate in all 3giveway but in 1and 2 luck is not with me…but this tym I win 1st prize thank u so much bro for all giveaway luv ur work hats off..where I hv to cmnt my no. whatsapp or here and congrats 2nd winner

        • Krishna says:

          We Love U Like Our Work Share Ur No. In WhatsApp And Share Screenshot Here….Nd Show Others So Say We Are Scam :-/

          • Here my screenshot those are saying scam fake…bhai pogo dekH abi Tu bacha h ye tmse na ho payega…

  49. Ankit singh says:
  50. Ankit singh says:
  51. Tarandeep says:
  52. bikram says:
  53. Ashish says:
    • Krishna says:

      U Will Be Declared 3 rd Winner…But U Think Ur Smart So U Comment From 3 Id’s Ashish, Rahul And Ankit So U Disqualified

      • Ashish says:

        Arrey bhai …mai ankit aur rahul dost hain…sab ek saath the…aur sab ek wifi mai the …u can check the device id even wo sab alag hongey….yeh galat hain

  54. Rahul Chaudhury says:
  55. Ankit singh says:
  56. excuse me…… agar same wifi se comment kia ho to same ip hi ayega……… mere brother ne kia tha comment apne phone se… to isme mera kya kasoor bhai

    • Krishna says:

      In Case Of Wifi Wp Also Show…Which Brodband Ur Using But Here’s Mobile Data Is Used

      • kya? screenshot du kya? mene kabhi mobile data use hi ni kiaa…….. wifi hi use krta hu…….. check ur system bro.

        • Krishna says:

          Ok Think U Use Wifi Then What About Tarandep It Still Belongs To Us Who Comment After 10 Minutes…Bro We Are Not Here To Delievred Cash To Thoose Who Play Games With Us….If U Disqualified It doesn’t mean we don’t give paytm to an1 more user won who play fair game deserve it…

  57. wwaaaahh great sir……… claping for u…….. spam site

    • Krishna says:

      Haha Lol….Spam Single User Here Can Tell We Are Spam…50 Or 100 Doesn’t Effect Us….We Have Already Delievered Lot’s Of Amount To All Users..If U Do Any Illegal Activity Think About Ur Ownn….Not Us..We Knw What We R Doing Here…What Our User Think About Us…

  58. bikram says:

    boss i am 2nd winner
    send paytm on this no 8********9

  59. shekhar says:

    deep bro uu say this site a scam then u r a fool bhai see ur fraud which u r doing before saying other a scam i won lots of gifts from this site this the best one not scam see ur own

  60. bhai dont worry we know that u r not scam u r one of the trustworthy person so u continue with ur work u r very good going these type fake persons cannot effect ur repu in front of us keep going broo

  61. Hey wait who say cute tricks is spam i am participating in every their giveaway and i receive my money on time so this is genuine site only by some comments of spam cute tricks not being spam

  62. bikram says:

    tnx i got my reward

  63. puneet says:

    Thnx for choosing me Random Winner :p

  64. Ayush says:

    2016 ka post ya 2015 kabhi ya Joe bhi.

  65. Md Baquir says:

    very nice idea

  66. Manbir singh says:

    LOve cutetricks

  67. sai reddy says:
  68. Md Baquir says:
  69. Shoaib Mohammed says:
  70. Rohit says:
  71. MOHIT TANWANI says:
  72. Vishal says:
  73. Navneet Ji says:
  74. As Bhojani says:
  75. Priyansh says:

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