[Prizes Sent Proof In Comments] Diwali Dhamaka Contest – Fun With Eyes And Win Prizes Upto Rs 700

CuteTricks Brings Another Awesome Giveaway For It’s Users Like Always. As We Promise This Month Again Their Will Be A New Concept As Well As New Prizes. Also We Have Engage This Contest On Biggest Festival Of Year “Diwali”. Every Time We Arrange A Giveaway Our First Motive Is To Provide You Best Expierence Then Before.

So Now This Month In This Giveaway We All Have Engage Lot’s Of Prizes For Winners And Also Added Prizes For Random Winners Too. So You Can Easily Say That It’s A Big Bang By CuteTricks. In This Giveaway You Need Some Knowledge About Bollywood Stars. We Hope You Know It Very Well. So Guys Get Ready For Big Giveaway By One Of Your Best Site Named CuteTricks.


Like Always You Have To Share Prize Recieved Proof In Comments In Order To Take Part In Future Giveaway’s πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

(In Case If Users Not Able To Give Any Answer Correct The User Who Comment 1st As Wrong Answer Will Get Half Amount Of Prize)

Winner List After Whole Contest πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Β Prizes Sent In 24 To 48 Hrs…Send Your Details (Paytm No. , Name And Email Used While Comment To admin@cutetricks.in To Claim Prizes)Β Don’t Forgot To Share Screenshot Of Proof In Comments To Take Part In Future Giveaway’s πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Answers With Winners:-

1. Answer – Sidharth Malhotra

Winner –Β NavneetG

2. Answer – Soha Ali Khan

Winner –Β MD Baquir

3. Answer – Katrina Kaif

Winner –Β Saurabh Suman

4. Answer – Ali Fazal

Winner –Β MD Baquir

5. Answer – Deepika Padukone

Winner –Β Himanshu

6. Answer – Karan Singh Grover

Winner –Β Vasu

7. Answer – Aamir Khan

Winner –Β Tushar

8. Answer – Tabassum Hashmi

Winner –Β Girjesh Kumar

9. Answer – Kriti Sanon

Winner – Naga Mahesh

10. Answer – Govinda Arun Ahuja

Winner –Β Vasu

11. Answer – Sushmita Sen

Winner –Β Tushar

12. Answer – Twinkle Khanna

Winner –Β Vanny Pandey

13. Sushmita Sen –

Answer – Vanny Pandey

14. Answer – Salman Khan

Winner – Β Himanshu Jain

15. Answer – Juhi Chawla

Winner – Gurpreet

16. Answer – Sunny Deol

Winner – Saurabh Singh Suman

17. Answer – Divya Bharti

Winner –Β Swati

18. Answer – Dharmendra

Winner-Β Himanshu

19. Answer -Hema Malini

Winner –Β Swati

20. Answer- Raj Kapoor

Winner- Β Bumbaroy

Random Paytm Winners:-

1. Sahil 2. Neha 3. Rohan 4. Bikrma Mondal. 5. Nagamahesh 6. Aditya 7. Ruchi Goinka 8. Hitesh Narkhede 9. Jayant Kumar. 10. AS Bhojani

Gift Card Winners:-

PVR Gift Card – Ganesh

BookMyshow Gift Card – Chandrakant

BookMyShow Gift Card –Β JaidivyanshΒ 


How To Participate In Giveaway:- (Compulsory)

1. First Like Us On Facebook –Β Like Here

2. Now Subscribe For Push Notifications

(First Open Cutetricks In Chrome Or Firefox And On Home Screen , Click On Allow Button Or Bell Icon, Β It Will Take You On Another Page Click Subscribe Their)

3. Now Comment Below That You Done Your Activity.

(Users Who Follow All Steps Will Eligible For Giveaway…..Don’t Try To Cheat Because We Will Track Each Of Your Activity Easily)

After Following Above Steps You Have To Comment Down Saying “I Done My Activity”…In Case If You Don’t Follow Above Steps You Will Get Half Amount Of Prize That You Won

(You Can Participate Till 1 Pm To Eligible For Full Reward….After 1 Pm All User Will Eligible For Half Amount Reward Prize)

About Giveaway:-

We Have Name This Giveaway As “Fun With Eyes” And According To The Name You Have To Keep Your Eyes Active In Order To Win Amazing Prizes In Giveaway.


23 October Timings:-

Starts From 3 Pm And Each Pic Will Be Published After 8 To 10 Minutes Gap And 2 Shit 1st At 3 Pm And 2nd At 8 Pm

Steps For Giveaway:-

1. We Will Start Adding Pic In This Post On 23 October According To Time Given Above

2. Pic Contains Only Eyes Of Bollywood Actor Or Actress.

3. You Have To Identify Actor By Seeing His Eyes And Comment Below His Name As Fast As You Can.

4. User Who Comment 1st Will Be Choosen As Winner.

5. Only 1st Winner With Full Correct Name And Spelling Will Win.


Like See Below Pic Carefully And You Have To Identify Below Actor By Seeing His Eyes

“Like In Below Pic Actor Is “Ranbir Kapoor” So You Have To Comment This Name In Comment Box”



a) 20 Winners = Rs 15 Paytm Cash Each

20Γ—15 = Rs 300 Paytm Cash

b) 10 Random Winners:-

10 Γ— 10 = Rs 100 Paytm Cash

c) 1 Random = Rs 100 PVR Voucher.

d) 2 Random Winners = Rs 100 Each BookMyshow Voucher.

Terms And Conditions:-

1. Winner Who Comment 1st Will Be Choosen As Winner.

2. Each Winner Will Be Eligible To Get Particular Amount Which Mentioned Above.

3. 1 Winner Can Win Maximum 2 Times In Entire Giveaway.

4. Random Winner Should Be Selected Randomly And Any One Can Win.

5. In Case If Any User Not Follow Compulsory Step Given Above He Will Get Half Amount Of Prize If He Won.

6. CuteTricks Hold Right To Eliminate Any Person In Case Of Any Misleading Activity.

7. Winner Decided Once Can Never Be Changed.

8. CuteTricks Also Hold Right To Change Any Terms And Conditions Without Any Prior Update Or Notice.

9. In Case Of Any Query Mail Us At admin@cutetricks.in


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  323. (In Case If Users Not Able To Give Any Answer Correct The User Who Comment 1st As Wrong Answer Will Get Half Amount Of Prize)

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