(All Winner Declared) Giveaway Loot – Play Tambola With Us And Win Paytm Cash/ Recharge Upto Rs 950

Hi Guys Here’s After A Long Days We Are Back With A Giveaway. As We Say Last Time It’s Game That’s Known To Be Housie Or Tambola In Different Languages. We Have Planned Prizes For Winner Also In Form Of Paytm Cash.

Lot’s Of Users Ask Us Day To Day Wy We Are Not Giving Any Giveaway. So Here’s It. Now We Led You We Just Have Created This Site On Basis Of Slogan “GIVEAWAY DEAL SE JADA JRURI HAI”. And We Have Achieve It’s A Lot.

2, 43, 39, 54, 75, 99, 63, 86, 50, 28, 17, 6, 37,68, 70, 26, 20,59,81,64,48,56,35,84,90,4, 10, 15,11,85, 33, 1, 74, 14, 44, 88, 66, 7 , 55, 71, 21, 62, 3, 40, 25, 61, 18, 87,8, 13, 31, 77, 5, 30, 80, 49, 27, 16, 19, 23, 65, 60,9, 52, 47, 91, 38,94, 89, 79


1. Early 5SAHIL = Rs 30 Paytm Cash

2. Corners Rishav = Rs 40 Paytm Cash

3) 1st Row – 1st Winner – SILKY = Rs 60 Paytm Cash

2nd WinnerASHOK = RS 30 Paytm Cash

3rd WinnerMAYANK KUMAR = RS 20 Paytm Cash

4) 2nd Row – 1st Winner- SAHIL= RS 60 Paytm Cash

2nd WinnerSALITA= RS 30 Paytm Cash

3rd WinnerSILKY = RS 20 Paytm Cash

5) 3rd Row – 1st Winner- ASHOK BABU= RS  60 Paytm Cash

2nd WinnerNIKHIL MALHOTRA= RS 30 Paytm Cash

3rd WinnerSACHIN= RS20 Paytm Cash

6) HousefullSILKY = RS 150  Paytm Cash

7) 1 Amazon Random WinnersABHILASH GUIN = RS 200 AMAZON.IN VOUCHER




1. You Just Need A Housie Ticket To Play Tambola With Us.

2. Just Comment Below We Will Issue It You Soon.

3. After You Got Ticket Just You Have To Visit Us On Day When We Start Tambola Game.


Start On Sunday 4 Pm


We Start Announcing Number And You Have To Cut Out Same Number Which Is Present In Your Housie Ticket

1. Early 5:-

User Who Cut Out 1st 5 Numbers In Housie Ticket Faster Than Others Will Be Declared Winner.

2. Corners:-

Users Who Cut Out Corners 1st Will Be Declared As Winner.

Corner Refers To :-

1. 1st Number Of 1st Row.

2. Last Number Of 1st Row.

3. 1st Number Of 3rd Row.

4. Last Number Of 3rd Row.

(In Case Their Is No Number In 1st Row Then Corner Number Is In 2nd Like Wise Below Pic Corners Are 15 , 5 , 80 , 84)

3. Rows:-

Their Are 3 Rows In Housie Ticket And User Who Cut Out Each Row Number 1st Will Be The Winner.

(See Below Pic It’s 1 Row)

4. House Full:-

Users Who’s All Digits Are Cut Out 1st Will Be The Winner Of The Contest


A) House Full – 1 Winner = Rs 150 Paytm Cash.

B) 10 Random Users Get Rs 20 Recharge Each = 10× 20 = Rs 200 

C) 1 Random Users = Rs 200 Amazon.in Gift Card

D) Rows – Each Row Divide Among 3 Winners:- 

(1st Row = 60+30+20) As Like 2nd And 3rd Row

1. 1st Call – 60 Paytm Cash 60×3 = Rs 180

2. 2nd Call – 30 Paytm Cash 30×3 = Rs 90

3. 3rd Call – 20 Paytm Cash 20× 3 = Rs 60

(Call Means User Who Comment 1st When He Complete His Rows)

E) Corners – 1 Winner = Rs 40 Paytm Cash

F) Early 5 – 1 Winner = Rs 30 Paytm Cash

Message Us On Whats App Any Time If You Have Any Confusion

How To Win:-

1. We Are Start Announcing Number InSame Post.

2. 1 Number Announce After Every 2 Minute.

3. In Case U Complete Any Task Comment Fast Your Ticket Number.

4. You Have To Use Same Email Every Time (Like To Order Ticket Or If U Win We Contact U Using Same Email)

Terms And Conditions:-

1. 1 User Can Take Part Only Once.

2. Time And Date Of Contest Shared With You Soon.

3. Housie Tickets Can Be Delievered Till 5 Hrs Before Contest.

4. In Case Of Any Dispute Final Decision Is Ours.

5. Maximum 120 Users Take Part In Giveaway.

6. User Who Win Recharge Will Get Recharge Only Not Paytm.

7. Contact Us Anytime Regarding Contest Rules At Whats App – 9041441298


  1. i want ticket

  2. Karan says:

    I want ticket

  3. basant says:

    I want ticket

  4. ashok says:

    I want ticket

  5. Sandeep Patel says:

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  48. deepanshu says:

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  51. SIDDHARTH says:


  52. salita says:

    i want the ticket

  53. ashish agarwal says:

    Each row how much winner*- 1 or 3 winner ??please tel for each row how much winner will u select?
    & What is that calls I.e.,1st call etc..pls soon

    • wavatar Karan2sehgal says:

      Each Row 3 Winners And Calls Means Who Say 1st My Row Complete Nd Comment His Ticket No.

  54. Bhavey says:

    I want ticket

  55. Bro game start after 20mint at 4pm sharp or its on nxt Sunday ????

  56. abhilash guin says:

    what to write,when win?

  57. abhilash guin says:

    numbers in what time intervals? 1 min or less?

  58. Prince Prakash says:

    I have not got ticket since yet…give me

  59. Prince Prakash says:

    Sorry i got it

  60. Ashok Babu says:

    There will no 99 in housie

  61. silky says:

    Shakkkeeee plzzzzzz

  62. Ashok Babu says:

    Then y u give 99 in the list

  63. 86

  64. Ashok Babu says:

    There are only 9 colums then y to give 99

  65. in 2 row ticket no. 31

  66. 17

  67. Ashok Babu says:

    May be that number is 66

  68. 2nd row ticket no. 31

  69. Yogesh says:

    No Digits canceled out Yet…

  70. Sahil says:

    Again 86

  71. Ashok Babu says:

    86 is repeated plz check ….

  72. ashish agarwal says:

    86-you posted 2 times…..do properly 1st

  73. 86 no

  74. 26

  75. in 1st row ticket no 31

  76. Rajat says:

    No number cancelled yet

  77. rishav says:

    Winner last no frst row 81

  78. 81 in 1st row and corner no ticket no 31

  79. Sahil says:

    Early five . Ticket no. 23

  80. salita says:

    ticket no 44 early 5

  81. Jayant Kumar says:

    Ticket #11
    Early 5

  82. Out of 20 only 1 number Is cut

  83. Sachin says:

    ticket no.- 24
    first five done

  84. Himanshu jain says:

    ticket no 25 early 5

  85. 56

  86. 56 in third row ticket no 31

  87. rishav says:

    Early 5 tickt no.39

  88. Ashok Babu says:

    Early 5 ticket 41

  89. early 5 ticker id #31

  90. Karan says:

    Early 5
    Ticked id :- 30

  91. gaurav singhal says:

    Ticket no. 33 ..i have won early 5

  92. jaidivyanshpuri says:

    5 no. Cut ticket no. 16

  93. abhilash guin says:

    early 5 ticket no=1

  94. jaidivyanshpuri says:

    4 pehlaan ho gaya

  95. Toshi says:

    Mujhe v khelna h

  96. 11 in 1 st row ticket #31

  97. rishav says:

    3rd row paat corner ticket no.39

  98. rishav says:

    3rd row last corner ticket no39

  99. 1 in third row ticket#31

  100. rishav says:

    Ist row ist collum 14 ticket no39

  101. salita says:


  102. 74 2nd row ticket#31

  103. silky says:

    ticket no 13 corner plzz

  104. basant says:

    2nd row 2nd column ticket no29

  105. RAHUL JHA says:

    2 in first row first corner

  106. Yogesh says:

    Guys please increase the countdown time … i have some important work… 🙂

  107. Out of 40 number cut only 3 number 1hour offer 100mb waste

  108. silky says:

    ticket 13 1st row

  109. ashok says:

    1st row ticket no. 3

  110. silky says:

    on no 25

  111. ashish agarwal says:

    Admin pls be updating if any1 had won any row so that we will be knowing abt it
    Going good..thanks

  112. Ashok Babu says:

    3 row complete my ticket no 41

  113. Ashok Babu says:

    Completed 3rd row with number 8 ticket no 41…

  114. mayank Kumar says:

    1 st row
    ticket no 36

  115. Himanshu jain says:

    1st row ticket no 25

  116. bhavey says:

    Ist row ticket no. 43

  117. Sahil says:

    Second row ticket no. 23

  118. Nikhil Malhotra says:

    Ticket 35 … 3rd row

  119. Sachin says:

    3rd row ticket no.-24

  120. third row complete

  121. ticket 31

  122. abhilash guin says:

    pls announce numbers fast.

  123. salita says:

    2nd row ticket no 44

  124. silky says:

    ticket 13 2 nd row

  125. ashok says:

    2nd row ticket no.3

  126. Himanshu jain says:


  127. silky says:

    houseful ticket13

  128. abhilash guin says:

    very unhappy,won nothing where some are winning twice like sahil,silky.

    • wavatar Karan2sehgal says:

      its guys not our fault we have played fair game…if user won 2 3 time its their luck

  129. silky says:

    last no 38

  130. Bhai random user Kaise choose hogne…tambola m toh Kch Ni Mila random m luck chl jaye kya pta..kbhi Vo bat ho jaye..hm kya laikr aye the kya laikr jayege…khali hath aye the khali hath jayege😂😂

  131. silky says:

    yipeeeeeee yeahhh vry happyyyu thanxxx brooo itss really wonderful to be a part of ur siteeeee

  132. Nikhil Malhotra says:

    Random winners ?? 🙂

  133. wavatar Karan2sehgal says:

    thanx for be part of us we will announce random winner after 20 min

  134. Sahil says:

    You have to do this every sunday

  135. Nikhil Malhotra says:

    Housefull only two digit left.. shit

  136. Ashok Babu says:

    Plz update random winners i have important work

  137. rishav says:

    My 2 digits left 41 &24

  138. ashok says:

    Thanx broo its awsome site plz come back with more interesting giveaways its a awsome siteeeeee

  139. Rajat says:

    Didn’t win anything

  140. NagaMahesh says:

    Im also not get any prize this contest

  141. NagaMahesh says:

    Im very sad

    • wavatar Karan2sehgal says:

      Sorry For This….But Many User Hasn’t Won Anything It’s Luck…Try Nxt Time..But If U Want Comment Here We Will Give U Recharge As Random Winner

  142. abhilash guin says:

    when i will receive my prize? also sent my msg via whatsapp.

  143. sorry from me……..for wrong comment bt i am happy to get recharge as random winners

  144. Shikha says:

    I dnt get anything in last giveaway

    • wavatar Karan2sehgal says:

      Only The Winners Who Win Yesterday Will Get Prize…Morever Random Users Are Among Those Who Played With Us Nd Comment

  145. NagaMahesh says:

    I got 60rs recharge ….tq so much bro

  146. Ashok Babu says:

    I got 60rs recharge ….tq so much bro

  147. NagaMahesh says:

    wonderful game thanks for entertaining and giving prizes. Thanks you very much admins

  148. Nikhil Malhotra says:

    Thankuuuu cutetricks .. i receive my prize .. & waiting for next Giveaway 🙂

  149. ashok says:

    Thank u broo i recieve my prize thanks For giving this

  150. Sahil says:

    Thanks cute tricks i had recieved my rs 90 paytm cash today thanks alot and waiting for next giveaway

  151. i not got recharge yet….

  152. rishav says:

    Thanxx cute tricks i recieved paytm n waitng for next giveaway again thanxx

  153. Sachin says:

    Thanks a lot loved ur site …! Got my prize 🙂

  154. silky says:

    i got 230 paytm thanxx cute tricks its my ist tym that i played online tambola its really a new concept come soon wid some more intetesting games i really appreciate ur workk thanxx alott

  155. ashish agarwal says:

    Cutetricks my recharge?

  156. Thanks cute tricks got my prize

  157. Ashok Babu says:

    Its a nice a game …..first of all online housi is the new thinking nice……plz u continue this type new thinking ideasss…mainly talking about ur maintain very gud….keep it up

    • wavatar Karan2sehgal says:

      Thanx For Your Useful Feedback..We Will Try Our Best For Next Giveaway And It Should Be Soon

  158. thnx got recharge……waiting for next giveaway

  159. basant says:

    I Dont hv whatsapp plz recharge this number

  160. abhilash guin says:

    thanks,got my prize. pls organize more giveaways like word games,tambola more often. if possible,every week. i am not saying this because i got prize but saying this because we all can have a good memorable time together. any kind of game are welcome. waiting for euro special giveaways.

    • wavatar Karan2sehgal says:

      We Will Try To Engage Giveaways Soon With A New Way So That Every1 Can Enjoy…Thanx For Your Feedback

  161. Himanshu jain says:

    thank…. got my prize…. organise more give aways in future…cheers!!!!

  162. Aditya says:

    I want a ticket

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