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Hello Guys Here’s New Giveaway For You From Many Days We Haven’t Arrange This Giveaway So Tommorrow Is Sunday And A Great Time For A Giveaway. This Time Giveaway Is Like A Game Like We Always Played In BadTricks Blog. Every User HaveA Right To Participate But Wins Only 1 Per Question. Mainly Users With 1St Correct Answer Will Win Free Recharge From Us And Lucky Winner With A Big Paytm Prize.

                    Questions:- (1st Ryt Answer Comment Will Win)

Q.1:- On 2007 20-20 World Cup India Beaten By Which Team With How Many Runs? (EXPIRED)

Ans:- New Zealand By 10 Runs (Lots Of Confusion Between Beat Or Beaten)

Winner:- Unknown User (Kindly Send Ur No. At support@cutetricks.in and pls use ur name) (Prize Pending)

User From Now Comment As Unknown Will Not Be Choosen As Winner

Q.2:- Tell The Total Number Of Best Actor Nomination For Amitabh Bachhan In FilmFare Award? (Expired)

Ans:-  Internet Shows Answer 28 But According To Latest Filmfare 31 Are Nomination Of Amitabh So 31 Is Winner

Winner:-  Deepu (Prize Send)

Q.3:- What Is The Title Of New Brand Campaign Of Reebok India? (Expired)

Ans;- Be More Human

Winner:- Rajat Gupta (send ur detail at contactbadtricks@gmail.com)

Q.4:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launched The Ambitious Shyama Prasad Mukherji ( Rural Urban) Mission From Chhattisgarh’s (Dongargarh Block) Which Aims To Draw An Investment Of Over ? (Tell Only Investment) (Expired)

Ans:- 5000 Crore

Winner:- Jass Kalra

Guys We Have Delay In Question So We Have Put A Simple Question

Q.5.:- Guys If U Have 5 Apples And 4 Oranges In One Hand And 5 Apples And 4 Oranges In Other Hand Then What Will You Have? (Expired)

Ans:- Very Large Hands

Winner:- Deepu

Q.6:- Name The Russian Tennis Star Who Had Been Notified By The International Tennis Federation That She Tested Positive For A Banned Substance At The Australian Open In January? (Expired)

Ans:- Maria

Winner:- Swaraj Kurmi

Q:-7 Who Was Appointed As Commander Of NATO Forces In Afghanistan?

Ans:-  Army Lieutenant General John Nicholson

Winner:- Gunal CV

Rs 500 Paytm Cash Winner Is Amit Kindly Contact Us You Can See Above And Finally Giveaway Over Hope You Like Our Work Keep Visiting For More Loots We Will Send Remaining Prize Tommorrow Morning And Back Again Next Week With More Prizes


1. Give A Question Answer And Win Recharge Or Paytm Cash.

2. User Who Comment 1st Will Be Winner.

3. In Case 2 User Comment Same Time Both Will Win.


1. Question Will Be Asked 7 Times In A Day.

2. Timings Are 11 Am , 12 Pm , 1:30 Pm , 3 Pm , 5 Pm, 7:30 Pm, 9 Pm

3. Question Should Be Ask On Exact Timing Above


1. User Who Comment Ryt Answer 1st Will Win Rs 10 Recharge.

2. Among All Question 3 Pm Question Ryt Answer Will Win Rs 100 Recharge.

One User From All Partcipants Will Win Rs 500 Paytm Cash (Winner Declared By Random.org And Choose From All Partcipant Who Participate In Above Contest)


1. Result Will Declare On Same Post Before Next Question Time.

2. Reward Will Be Send In 2 To 3  Hrs.

3. Paytm Cash Winner Will Be Declared After 10 Pm.

4. User Who Comment Ryt Answer 1st Will Win.

Be Ready On Timing And Best Of Luck


  1. Good to see u guys back again. So your exams r over. Hope your result will be good enough. Nice come back with a giveaway. Thanks.

  2. 5 pm

  3. ???

  4. Thanx For Your Response And Wishes Hope You Like Our Giveaway

  5. very good idea.go ahead.

  6. Thanx For Your Response Hope You Like It And Win Too

  7. Actually this is the best kind of giveaway. Being a member since batrick was there, I just love this giveaway. Great job. Hope a no. Of question-answer giveaways r coming . thank u

  8. Ys We Also Think It's Best Bcs If We Any 1 Win He Will Bcs Of His Talen…Not As A Lucky 1

  9. .

  10. India defeated Pakistan by 5 runs

  11. India beat Pakistan by 5 runs

  12. By Pakistan by 5 runs

  13. Pakistan by 5 runs.

  14. pakistan 141

  15. India defeated Pakistan by 5 runs to win the inaugural edition of ICC World Twenty20

  16. India won the match with 5 runs

  17. New zealand defeated india by 10 runs.

  18. New Zealand via 10 runs. Sorry I gave answer last time

  19. New Zealand won by 10 runs

  20. U r Winner Kindly Mail Us At Support@cutetricks.in

  21. New Zealand won by 10 runs

  22. 31 nominations

  23. 31 Nominations

  24. 31

  25. 3

  26. 40

  27. 34

  28. answer is 27(amitabh bachchan).

  29. 7 nomination

  30. Awards won 210

  31. 13

  32. 28 nomination

  33. 6 nominations

  34. 31 nomination

  35. 28

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. I am deepu
    not able to send mail to support@Cutetricks.in
    My no. Is 9910120218.

  38. Run easy

  39. Be More Human

  40. be more human.

  41. Be more human

  42. Be More Human

  43. Live with fire

  44. Be More Human

  45. Be More Human

  46. Be more human

  47. Ur Recharge Done Kindly Tell Us Here

  48. Be More Human

  49. Thanx bro

  50. 5 crore

  51. I Think 5000 Crore But Not Sure By The Way Good Question At All

  52. 5000 crore

  53. 5000cr

  54. 5000 crore

  55. Mission from Chhattisgarh's Dongargarh block, which aims to draw an investment of over Rs 5,000 crore in three years to "transform rural areas to economically, socially and physically sustainable spaces"

  56. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched the ambitious Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban (rural-urban) Mission from Chhattisgarh's Dongargarh block, which aims to draw an investment of over Rs 5,000 crore in three years to"transform rural areas to economically, socially and physically sustainable spaces."

  57. answer is- 5142.08 crores.

  58. 5100 crore

  59. Ur Prize Send Pls Tell Here If U Recieve

  60. 5000 is right. I think deepu won again. Congrats

  61. Ur Winner Kindly Send Ur Details To contactbadtricks@gmail.com
    And Hat's Off To Your Fast Answer 🙂

  62. I mean jass won

  63. Yss Bcs Deepy Says 5 Crore Instead Of 5000 But Hat's Of To All.Who Give This Question Answer

  64. i think exact answer is 5142.08 crore,how is 5000 crore right? its over 5100 crore. pls clarify.

  65. Broo It's Not Exact Amount U Say 5142.08 They Planned To Be But After Finalising All.Contracts They Mention It Would Br Over 5000 crore not estimate as 5142.08 cr

  66. Anonymous says:

    31 times

  67. Received!!

  68. Bro where is 5pm question

  69. A very large hand

  70. Nothing

  71. Two baskets of fruits each containing 5 apples and 4 oranges

  72. Very large hands

  73. Very large hands

  74. i have nothing.

  75. i have fruits in my hand.

  76. 10 apples and 8 oranges

  77. Very Large Hands

  78. admin pls one advice- dont ask this kind of controversial question,where more than one answer is possible. pls ask math related or googly type question(little bit tricky,which cannot be searched in google). otherwise it is like search and post.pls consider this.

  79. Sorry Broo But This Queation Is Posted Not By Me
    Nd I ThinkAbove Queations Are Not Bad

  80. Hello sir iam the winner of your 1st quetion. I was unable to mail u.
    My mobile number is 9906542435 airtel j&k.
    Kindly deliver my recharge.

  81. Dear admin.kaustav us right.Many of these questions were search and post . so pls ask some question that r related to IQ or trick not with search..

  82. Thanx I Got My 100 Paytm Cash 🙂 Loved Your Way Of Giveaway And Deals Too

  83. Maria

  84. Maria sharapawa.
    Answer of question no. 6

  85. maria sharapova,

  86. I mean Maria sharapova

  87. Thanx For Your Response Keep Visiting

  88. Admin plz reward me for my question no. 1st answer.

  89. Thanx For Telling Bro Now I Think This Giveaway Is Over 90% We Will Be Back Again Next Week With Difficult And Unsearchable Questions Hope You Understand

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  92. Bro You Win 2 Times And Ur Both Reward Sent Kindly Tell If Recieved

  93. 9018459019 reliance .
    Try this number sir

  94. We Have Successfuly Send Ur Amount Kindly Tell Us

  95. Received 10 rs.

  96. maria sharapova

  97. Maria Sharapova

  98. Lieutenant General John Nicholson

  99. Army Lieutenant General John Nicholson

  100. Gen McChrysta

  101. Lt Gen Stanley McChrystal

  102. John nicolson

  103. Thanks for understanding this thing . giveaway was really nice. Hope next will be more good. Congrats for getting 600 likes.

  104. I had sent u email with my number. Hope to get my prize soon.

  105. winner pls

  106. We Will Done Your Recharge Soon Pls Tell When Recieve

  107. Thanx For Your Nyc Response We Will Come Again With More Prizes

  108. US General John Nicholson

  109. Thanx Cutetricks For Sending Me My Prize A Huge Win Rs 500 Paytm Cash 1st Time I Won Thanx For Choosing Me Loved Your Site

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  111. thanks bro for hearing,next week we want more difficult and tricky questions.

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